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Those who simply want to reach a destination
may take the stagecoach.
But those who want to travel genuinely
should go on foot.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778)

About this site

Waterwalker is the title of Bill Mason's iconic movie on canoeing. And indeed - canoeing and walking have got much in common. Be it for the cruising speed of round about 4 KM per hour. Or the innumerable strides on a long-distance-hike and likewise the countless paddle strokes for miles on end on rivers and lakes.

But there are distinct differences also. While a hiking-outfit of give or take 10 Kilograms gets you going almost anywhere in central Europe a canoe-trip north of 60 may require an outfit of 150 Kilograms or more. Much of it being food.

Solitude and silence both intrinsic to the land north of 60 is to be found in populated Europe only around the few places hard to get to - like the mountains.

Whereas the freedom to change your course with only 10 Kilograms on your back is simply awesome. You can virtually go anywhere because the cultured land will supply you sooner than later with whatever you may need. On a canoe trip you are somehow committed to the waterways you have chosen before. Food is often the limiting factor to a larger degree of spontaneity.

The galleries are intended to convey an idea of what is in store along the way. From Munich to Venice entices by traversing three different countries with their food, customs and languages. Whereas the special charm of the Pyrenees for me was crossing Spain from one ocean to the other. The Grande Traversata delle Alpi is a beautiful physical challenge accompanied by Italian food. From a hiking perspective the Dientes are hardly worthwhile mentioning. It takes only a few days to complete the circuit. But this trail is truly south of 60 degrees (north) and the southern beech tree is a special sight on its own.

Across the Alps

Munich to Venice

Across the spanish Pyrenees

Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea

Grande Traversata delle Alpi

Ventimiglia to Molini di Calasca

Dientes de Navarino

Puerto Williams (Chile)